Cartier Launches Limited Edition Tank Asymétrique Watch Series

The high-end watchmaker will release just 100 pieces of the six new styles.

Cartier Privé

The premier horologists at Cartier Privé have decided it’s time to remind the world of fine watchmaking how innovative they can be with a new, very limited line of Tank Asymétrique watches. 

The Tank is classic Cartier in design, at least at first look, with a stylish asymmetry evoking the streamlined elegance of a rectangular case design while honoring its luxury status hinting at a classic diamond shape.

Cartier Privé

The skeleton design of three of the six variations reveals the watch’s inner workings, consisting of a 9623 MC automatic movement. The skeleton Tanks come with crocodile leather straps and cases made of red gold, plain platinum, and striking gem-set platinum.

Cartier Privé

The remaining three styles with classic (non-skeletal) faces also come with crocodile-patterned leather straps and gold bezels. 

These Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique cases all measure 47.15mm x 26.2mm. The movements have 38 hours of power reserve. Skeleton-style Cartier Privé Tank Asymétriques come with 48 hours of power reserve and lacquered blue indexes and numbers.

Cartier Privé

Again, there are just 100 pieces per model and the price hasn’t been announced, but current Tank models can run from $4,100 up to $55,000 USD. They’ll be available for purchase at  Cartier Privé maisons beginning in December 2020. 

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