Get Pumped for the ‘CHiPs’ Movie With 6 Awesomely Retro Aviator Shades

Hit the road with the coolest shades on two wheels.


(Photo: ‘CHiPs’/NBC)

The classic 70s/80s buddy cop TV show CHiPs certainly didn’t originate the popular aviator-style sunglasses, but two certain California highway patrolmen, Jon Baker and Ponch, are synonymous with the oversized lens look.

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As CHiPs once again cruises into the zeitgeist, with the forthcoming release of the CHiPs movie, it’s likely that aviator fans will be inspired to pick up a pair or two. 

So Maxim put in the grunt work and tracked down the six best CHiPs-style shades, some of them classic Ray-Ban options and others more modernized and eccentric choices, from Tom Ford, Persol and others.

Wear them on your way to the actually kind of hilarious-looking CHiPs movie, which rolls into theaters on March 24.