The Sneaker That Balances Comfort and Style for the Urban Adventurer

A shoe built for any occasion.

Here’s the thing with sneakers: they don’t look good with everything. Sure, a well-crafted sneaker (like any number of Jordans that sneakerheads lust after) can be incredibly comfortable, but they’re often gaudy, more fit for adolescents than the refined man. There are few neural designs that compliment the more refined urban man on his sojourn from speakeasy to nightclub. Kids wear sneakers; men wear boots. 

That’s where Chrome Industries’ Suede Chukka Forged Rubber Boot comes in. 

The lightweight but durable shoe marries the comfort of sneakers with versatility and the performance of the classic boot. Coupled with an elegantly simple suede design — the sneaker comes in black, grey, and brown with lace and heel accents and a thick white rubber sole —  these sneakers are the perfect compliment to the city dweller’s wardrobe, a casual shoe that’s almost worthy of even the most upscale establishments (assuming there’s no dress code, of course).

The Suede Chukka Forged Rubber Boot retails for $120, and you can pick a pair up on Chrome Industries’ website here.