Chubbies Now Sells Zippered Pullovers and Wants You To Model

Dad bod and all.

Chubbies is an everyday kind of brand. I know because back when I was in college the frat boys wore Chubbies shorts every day. To breakfast, to work out in, to dinner, to down a 12-pack—every single day. For some dudes, Chubbies is a lifestyle.

Now, in an effort to grow past the brand’s 2011 beginnings in shorts and into everyday apparel, the San Francisco-based company is launching six half-zip pull-over styles with names like The Woodwind, The Aft’r Party and The Spangler.  Pair that last one one with their ‘Mericas short and you’re set for any patriotic event that might come your way.

It’s a good move for the team: one can only run around in shorts for so long given the coming cold temperatures. These zips are definitely eye-catchers, but also stand up over time, having been made in the USA out of stone-washed, heavy weight cotton.. But Chubbies isn’t just hoping you’ll invite them into their closet. They are hoping to invite you into their world.

In addition to the popovers, the brand has also launched a manhunt of sorts for the next few faces of the label to join the original Chubbies male model Cheesebro (above). And while we would try to explain it, we think the company does a darn good job of that themselves:

Somewhere along the way it was decided for us, not by us, what it took to be a “male model.” Somewhere along the way a working knowledge of Nair and gluten-free groceries became prerequisites for joining the industry. Well not anymore. We’re taking a stand. Because last time we checked, this is America. Where men are not meant to be judged by the amount of pomade in their faux-hawks but by the fire in their eyes.

In short the brand is looking for 10 dudes — beer belly, neck beard and all, — to represent them for the next two years. The winners will be rewarded with a contract as well as an unlimited supply of free Chubbies shorts for life — ok, so the fine print says a store credit of $300 annually for 15 years which is still a hell of a lo.. So much thigh to show, so little time. 

Get your entries into the site before November 9.