These Magical New Clarks Desert Boots Are Made of Waterproof Suede

Thank you, science!


(Photo: Clarks Originals/ODE)

Clarks’ iconic desert boot was built, well, for the desert. Splash some water on a suede pair, and you’ll be surprised by how quickly they fall prey to a bit of moisture.

But not to fear: The legendary British brand has reinforced its signature tan-suede option in proprietary¬†“Gore-Tex” technology, described as an inner membrane that keeps any water from soaking through.

(Photo: Clarks Originals/ODE)

Despite the fine suede and water-busting capability, the price point remains reasonable at $160.

(Photo: Clarks Originals/ODE)

Come rain or shine, these militaristic boots will give your wardrobe some serious kick.

h/t Airows