The Classiest Menswear at the Met Ball

Enough with the dresses! Let’s look at the smartest-looking getups the guys were rocking at the A-list gala.

1. Andrew Garfield in Band of Outsiders

Garfield looked Spidey-spiffy, opting to look outside of big-name fashion houses for his Met Ball look.

2. Bryan Cranston in Calvin Klein 

Photo: Getty Images

No one gets between Walter White and his Calvins.

3. David Beckham in Ralph Lauren Black Label

Photo: Mirrorpix / Splash News / Corbis

The British superstar rocked a white jacket and a pretty sweet patterned pocket square.

4. Frank Ocean in Givenchy

Photo: Getty Images

Crooner Frank Ocean looked pensive and stylish in another white tux jacket.  

5. Matt Bomer in Calvin Klein

Photo: Mirrorpix / Splash News / Corbis

The White Collar star wore a white collar! His big, bright bow tie stood out in a sea of black ones.

6. Ryan Reynolds in Gucci

Photo: Edward Le Poulin / Corbis

Reynolds’ suit looked good enough to sleep in. But that doesn’t mean anyone should. 

7. Tom Ford in Tom Ford

Photo: Getty Images

Tom Ford looked like he might kill someone in this photo. But at least he wears it well, are we right?

Photos by Getty Images