Cleveland Browns Linebacker Karlos Dansby Cleans Up Nice

While Peyton sells cars and Aaron sells insurance, a big man is setting out to make and sell body wash.

Professional athletes get torn up on the field, which is why (advertising contracts might play a part too) many are picky about what grooming products they use. Consider the case of Cleveland Browns linebacker Karlos Dansby. At 6’3’’ and 250 pounds, Dansby is not a delicate man, but he’s always taken a cautious approach with his skin. Now, he’s leveraging the expertise that comes from a bunch of failed grooming regimens to launch his own line of products, Montez Renault, with former banking executive Christopher Butler. The nine-piece range includes a 3-in-1 wash that removes dirt, an exfoliating facial scrub that’s kind to beat-up pores and a body lotion that absorbs quickly so your hands aren’t greasy when you’re trying to close a deal or sack a quarterback. 

If this business venture sounds as plausible as catching Russell Wilson with a three-man blitz, it isn’t. Dansby and Butler already run Butler’s Grooming Club, a spa-like lounge offering everything from deluxe shaves to men’s pedicures in Birmingham, Alabama.MAXIM asked Dansby about how he got so into getting clean and what his teammates think of his second job.   

Are your teammates fans of the line?

We have some interesting brand ambassadors! I got Miles Austin, Jordan Cameron and Paul Kruger using it. When the full line drops, I’m putting it in the locker room because those guys are chomping at the bit for it.

And Johnny Manziel might need that body lotion for making his fingers smooth, right?

Oh yeah, Johnny is gonna need the lotion for making the money sign for sure. [Laughs]

You’re a busy guy with a big contract, why take time to create a grooming line?

When Christopher and I started this line, we took feedback from clients and club members at Butler’s Grooming Club and developed products that would address the issues many felt were missing from grooming products currently on the market. It was also about inspiring men to do good and feel good, to have that confidence level that comes from taking care of your appearance.

As someone who sweats and works out a lot, what products do you rely on most?

I take a lot of showers, so I like how the 3-In-1 Performance Wash brings your skin back to its original state, and gives you the moisture you need. I also use the Daily Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner to remove helmet sweat and grime after practice or a game.

Speaking of game day, do you have any skincare rituals?

The Jojoba Smoothing Scrub is awesome to clean my face. I use it once a week, usually on a Friday to get ready for the game on Sunday, so my face is really smooth. And the Body Lotion is definitely key since your skin needs moisture in different climates. I played in Arizona for six years and that dry heat is unreal.

Battling the sun must be hard.

We have SPF coming next, and plan to introduce about nine more products in the winter. Our goal is to turn this into an international brand. We really want to be strategic about it.

Last question. Whose grooming routine takes longer: yours or your wife’s?

Ha, that’s a good question! I have to say me. I have my corner in the bathroom, and I’m a stickler about my body and the things I eat. So I have to say my routine all the way.

Photos by Associated Press