Colognes Bulk Up for Winter

When suiting up for a big night out, steer clear of delicate fragrances and opt for one of these sharp, woodsy, and distinctly masculine fougère colognes.
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Creed, Tabarome Millésime

For centuries, Creed has been a go-to for manly men of great stature, including Churchill and JFK. One whiff of Tabarome and you’ll know why. A stout mix of leather, citrus, and tobacco, this elegant yet masculine fougère smells like success without being flashy.

[$330 for 120 ml;]

D.S. & Durga, Burning Barbershop

This small-batch fragrance is exactly what it advertises itself to be: an olfactory replica of shaving tonics salvaged from a burned-down barbershop. A mélange of charred spearmint, lime, vanilla, and lavender creates a scent that is smoky, bold, and totally unique. Just like you!

[$106 for 50 ml;]

Calvin Klein, Eternity

Simple and always popular with the ladies, Calvin Klein’s iconic fougère has a fresh, just-out-of-the-shower scent that makes it an easy choice for a day at the office or a casual night out on the town.

[$52 for 100 ml;]

Nautica, Nautica Life

This new scent fuses bracing oceanic aromas with a blend of sage, violet, and lavender. Result: a fragrance that’s fresh and effortless—ideal for guys looking to add a little flavor to their routine without making too much of a splash.

[$62 for 100 ml;]

Dolce & Gabbana, Pour Homme

As one would expect, D&G’s take on the fougère was created with sex on the brain. Soft and citrus-laced, this olfactory ode to the Mediterranean pairs well with a slick suit or a steamy late-night rendezvous.

[$82 for 125 ml;]

Photos by Photographed by Zachary Zavislak