The Best Colognes for Transitioning From Summer To Fall

Embrace these fine fragrances that pull double duty for summer AND fall.

Six Transitional Colognes Split Promo

Think of the scent of summer. It’s light, it’s breezy, maybe it’s got a touch of sea salt and citrus. Fall, on the other hand? Woods-y, perhaps with hints of leather, tobacco and rum. There’s no way the two can co-exist, right? Well, not quite. Allow us to introduce you to six of the best colognes for transitioning from summer into fall.

Consider these transitional scents the type of cologne you can wear right now, and then on into fall. They’re not too dissimilar from, say, a rugged chambray shirt in that regard. You’re looking for something you can wear seamlessly through the dog days into when the weather starts to look and feel like an autumn painting by Edward Hopper.

The folks at Minnesota-based Duke Cannon know all too well how to toe the line from summer into fall.

“Just as most fellows change gradually add a layer or two when we transition from summer to fall, we observe many of our customers want to gradually evolve their scent as well,” said Duke Cannon co-founder Sam Swartz.

“One trend we see is a transition from airy, more aquatic scents of summer to a profile that adds a little more richness and depth, while still keeping it light,” he added. “A lighter musk or woodsy profile can often be that perfect transition scent that can seamlessly move from the long hot days of summer to the cool, crisp nights of autumn.”

To us, that sounds pretty ideal Here’s how to make it work for you below, with picks to match.

HIMS Small-Batch Scent


The brand that’s changing the way men think about their health and wellness also wants you to change your scent up right now heading into fall. Crafted in careful batches for premium quality, this isn’t your average cologne. It’s made to invoke a coastal California road trip, with base notes of tobacco leather, plus top and mid notes of pink peppercorn and “salty ocean air,” respectively. Sounds like a worthy seasonal cologne to us. $64

Malin+Goetz Dark Rum Roll-on Cologne


Just as you might add rum to a summer cocktail, make this dark rum-scented roll-on cologne a part of your seasonal style and grooming transition. Malin+Goetz nails the balance between refinement and everyday wearability with this cologne, blending sweet rum notes with base notes of amber and patchouli — perfect for a crisp fall night (just add a shawl cardigan, a chambray shirt and tan chinos). $52

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Fragrance


Bottega Veneta has outdone itself with this elegant, handsome cologne made to elevate occasions both daily and more refined. This signature masculine fragrance from the brand was designed to call to mind a journey north to northeast Italy’s Dolomites mountain range. If that doesn’t bring to mind fall, what does? $88

Hawthorne Tailored Cologne 


Believe it or not, you can get a cologne that’s customized to your lifestyle — hence the “tailored” portion of Hawthorne cologne. With scents made for work or play, take the brand’s quiz to determine the scent that works best for you. Do it right now, and you’ll be more than ready for fall. $50

Duke Cannon Randolph Proper Cologne 


Duke Cannon’s solid cologne initially made us big fans of the brand, and Proper Cologne carries on that same approach quite nicely. The Randolph Proper Cologne blends scent notes like lavender, bergamot and rich leather — it’s a fall-friendly scent that won’t smell out of place as summer’s season turns. $25

Manscaped Refined Cologne 


Manscaped is keeping guys cleaned up and sharp, and it’s all for the better. Consider adding the brand’s appropriately titled Refined Cologne to your Manscaped regimen these days. Vetiver and a light wood scent provide the anchor for this cologne, which also includes just a touch of citrus. That’s a cologne combination that works for the dog days of summer and the crisp days of fall, easily. $39.99