These Shorts Let You Go Commando Without Any Risks

Just let it all hang out.

You want to freeball. We know you do. Releasing your buddies down under from the smothering cotton, or whatever other fabric you’ve decided to choose today, of your underwear is such an alluring thought. But, the threat of zipper teeth sinking into your sack is too great a threat to chance it. And then there was Birddogs.

“I was on a flight from New York to London last summer to close a deal and upon descent — I was wearing a suit, pissed off that I was there, really sweaty and had a wedgie that I couldn’t pull out because I was sitting down — I decided two things,” Birddogs founder Peter Baldwin, a Harvard Business School alum and former IBM sales executive, told Maxim. “One, I’m done with the corporate ladder, I’m going to start my own company. Two, I never understood why guys wore underwear outside of running and swimming so I decided that’s the space I was going to build a company.”

So that’s what he did. After quitting his daytime gig, the entrepreneur rang up the head men’s designer at Lululemon and started a six-month long campaign of wooing the guy into creating the “most comfortable shorts a guy never has to take off.”

Full disclosure: when we first read about the company we were just amused with the reviews. “Feels like Oscar Meyer decided to get into the gym short game. I always admired well packaged meat. Now I have some,” and “They feel like I just swiped myself into a Tinder gem. She holds true to the pics in person and can’t wait to hold my package,” were two favorites. But we were skeptical too: after all, freeballing is a risky man’s sport.

And then we tried them on. The short of it is: sweatpants and any other type of short you can think of are now irrelevant.

Since these come with moisture wicking fabric, threads that integrate silver ion nano particles that stop the growth of bacteria (basically fights off bad smells), and a dedicated cell phone pocket, there’s literally no reason for anything else in your life. They dry faster than your swim trunks and hold everything in the right place for your morning run.

Plus, they’re remarkably comfortable. Sliding them on feels like stepping into a pair of silk boxer briefs that you forgot you put on. And a colleague’s take? “I would actually be OK being seen in public with these things.”

From hitting the couch on Friday after work to Monday morning, there’s literally no reason to change out of them. And we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.