Converse Should Bring These Chuck Taylor All Star Boots to the U.S.

Consider this our petition.

Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are ace. You can pull of the right pair with almost anything if you do it right, and now that they’ve been redesigned with an eye to comfort, you can wear them without bleeding. That’s a big deal. But until now you couldn’t wear them in crappy weather.

Actually, we’re getting a head of ourselves; you still can’t wear them in crappy weather unless you live in or have plans on making a trip to Asia. The company is currently hawking a line up of Chuck Taylor All Star Boots overseas that feature the tried and true design, reinforced with thicker rubber soles and a cushioned ankle. We’d like to tell you they are a little sturdier but we don’t know because they aren’t being sold in America.

In hopes that the boots just hadn’t arrived stateside, we reached out to the Converse team and were told the line was no where to be found Stateside. To that we cry foul. They of course graciously sent another option that the brand is currently selling in America. The boot looks nice(below), comes with a padded ankle and that same thick sole but comes rendered in suede and features a sheen that makes it seem like the other versions — you can pick these up here. Sorry but we can’t shake our attraction.

So here is our plea Converse: We beg you, we implore you, bring the red, white and blue boots to the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s your patriotic duty.