These New Converse Jack Purcells Were Built for Wet Weather

Kiss your soggy sneakers goodbye.


(Photo: Converse/Nike)

Converse‘s iconic Jack Purcell low-top works in just about any casual setting, but it’s not exactly built for inclement weather.

But Converse just dealt a blow to the scourge of soggy sneakers with it’s latest twist on Purcells called “Signature Shields”—which come encased in a rugggedly rain-proof, water-resistant canvas.

(Photo: Converse/Nike)

The canvas, available in dark blue and tan, also leaves a sturdier and crisper impression. 

The rubber sidewalls have been extended for additional protection, and the herringbone ridges on the bottom ensure that sneakerheads don’t get slippery when wet.

The weather-proof Jack Purcells, which go for $115, is one of many in the new “Converse Counter Climate Collection,” which boasts Chuck Taylor and Converse Con models to boot.

(Photo: Converse/Nike)

h/t HiConsumption