Custom Skincare Is the Next Custom Suit

Even lotion can be tailored.

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting some kind of bespoke suit or shirt shop in downtown Manhattan. An atelier-only service once reserved for the 1% has trickled down to low-key storefronts on streets with heavy foot traffic. Now that we’re all wearing shirts designed for our lopsided bodies, it only feels right that the products we anoint ourself with be specially made as well.

The next area to make that move toward wallet-friendly individualization might just be grooming. Until then, there is Geneu: a cutting edge skincare company, founded by Imperial College London Professor Christofer Toumazou, which is using its customers’ DNA (can’t get much more individualized than that) to craft anti-aging serums just for them. Realizing that everyone ages at a different pace based on genetics and lifestyle choices, Toumazou created a technology to customize skincare based on hard code.

Instead of consulting Zoltar, Geneu’s skingeneers (that’s our term, but they can borrow it) use a questionnaire and a swab. And that makes sense. The idea of making a sunscreen for wrinkly-ass folks addicted to surfing would have been ridiculous a few decades ago. No longer. Everyone is living increasingly individualized lives so they have increasingly disparate needs.

What that means for modern men is that anyone in London with $950 to spare, might just have a chance at eternal youth. If the explosion of affordable suiting is any indication, custom skincare will be everywhere in five years. In the meantime, there’s Geneu.