David Bowie and Steve McQueen Show You How To Rock a Double-Breasted Suit

Sometimes, the best models are celebrities. 

With wide peak lapels and a shorter length, today’s double-breasted suit is slim and trim, not cartoonish, so you can take advantage of the cut’s inherent richness without worrying like you look like an escaped extra from the Gatsby set. What follows immediately are (again) our eight rules for wearing – with style and success – a double-breasted suit. Then, click through to our gallery of legendary men dressed in double breasts the right way – we can’t promise you their panache or charm, but at least you can cop the look. 

1.     Measure up: Know your shoulder size, chest size, waist size and drop.

2.     Know your budget: If you want an investment piece go for an Armani, Dior Homme, Prada, or Marc Jacobs but if you’re a man on a budget there are a plethora of affordable options such as Brooks Brothers, Nautica, Vince Camuto, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors.  

3.     Fit: A tailor will surely become your best friend once you enter the suiting world.

4.     Leave the heavy look in the past: Your DB suit should be sans pleats and cuffs to keep the DB suit fresh and modern. 

5.     Know the occasion: DB suits are statement pieces that speak volumes. Not for the everyday, DB suits are statement pieces that speak volumes. Feel free to mix your DB suit into your work wardrobe but make it a necessity to wear it to weddings, dressy events and even a night out.

6.     How to wear your DB suit: One key rule is to always button unless you are about to sit down.

7.     Accessories: Wearing a DB suit will give you confidence, so keeping the accessories relatively conservative will allow the suit to be the statement.

8.     Break your suit up into separates: Use your jacket with a casual trouser for a more relaxed look. 

Photos by REX USA