The DeLorean Case Will Bring Your iPhone 6 Back to the… Eighties

For when you want to cover your contemporary phone in an antique case aimed towards the future.

What’s the sleekest and most stridently modern piece of quality merchandise this side of a BMW i8? We’re going to have to go with the iPhone 6. What’s the tackiest movie prop since the original Batmobile? Back to the Future’s heavily-modified, gull-wing Delorean. Thanks to the Bandai toy company, you can combine the two into a single, pocket-sized anachronism!

Like the full-sized prop, the DeLorean case has flashing blue lights and flux capacitors; unlike the car, the front fender slides open to reveal your phone’s camera, and the headlights are programmed to flash when your Auntie Myrtle, or anyone else, calls. The case considerable bulk to the slender phone, but that’s just as well—this bit of eighties memorabilia history deserves to be out in the world, not hidden in your pocket.