Denim Jackets for Men on the Run

The look is as American as apple pie and bad intentions.

No one is going to make you throw out your old denim jacket, the one with the holes from that concertina wire fence and the cigarette burns from high school hangouts. You can and should keep it. You should also buy it a friend you can be more comfortable wearing out in public.  Fortunately, just about every major label is currently hustling to create the ultimate jean machine. Here are the best of the lot.


Founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss, the San Francisco clothing brand synonymous with American denim has spent the last decade refining their look. Their classic denim jacket is simple and sleek, making it a staple for many and a constant companion for a few. [$98;]

Rag & Bone

Edgy and polished, this black selvage jean jacket by Rag & Bone fits well with the rest of their stripped-down offering. Pair it with a dark ensemble and you’re well on your way to booking a club gig. [$275;]


Between the snug fit and the scattered electric blue, acid washed pattern, this denim jacket is more rock n’ roll than anything else hanging in your closet. Throw it over a graphic tee and jeans and no bouncer will dare hassle you. [$348;]

Stevenson Overall Co.

If we know anything, it’s that Japanese brands are the way to go when it comes to denim. Stevenson Overall Co. is a solid choice when choosing outerwear. This dark denim jacket plays with the archetypical form by adding wide pockets. [$258;]

Saint Laurent

You can never go wrong with Saint Laurent. This dark denim jacket takes things up a notch with its shearling lining and collar. The classic shape also allows for it to be paired with just about anything. [$1,590;]