Insane Darth Vader Watch Will Set You Back $28,500

May the funds be with you.

We know, it looks like just another random piece of Lucas cash cow merchandise. And it’s got a price tag that’d make most of us Sith our pants. But Devon Works‘ co-branded Star WarsWatch is actually an amazingly crafted timepiece.

Over 300 parts come together in an iconic Vader-esque way to evoke Imperial grandeur. But above that, it actually tells time well. Four interwoven micron-thin nylon belts, four micro-step motors and an onboard processor reigning over 313 electrical contacts give it greater precision movement than other purely mechanical watches. After a trip to its magnetic inductive TIE Fighter-shaped charging tower, it’s rated to last for two weeks at a stretch.

The bad news is that only 500 of these babies will be made over the next couple of years—and 50 of them have already been claimed! The good news is that if you’re a big enough fan with a big enough bankroll, you can pre-order one from their site with just a $2,500 deposit. Each watch comes with matching TIE Fighter cufflinks…and the envy of every other Star Wars junkie in the universe.

Photos by Devon Works