Diesel Is Advertising Its High-End Denim on PornHub

“The message is simple,” Nicola Formichetti explains. “Before you jerk off, look at this.”

It’s a crazy time in the fashion industry right now. Last September, PornHub decided to get in on the fun by launching its own apparel collection, and now the industry is returning the favor by running their own ads on the platform. Talk about tit for tat.

The next time you search BBW or MILF or whatever you are searching on your favorite procrasturbation site, don’t be surprised to see a steamy ad or two for Diesel denim. The company — which has a long history of news-making campaigns — has announced that it will be advertising on everything from Pornhub and YouPorn to Tinder and even the gay dating (read hookup) app Grindr. Why? That’s where the eyeballs are! If Calvin Klein can draw inspiration from the tales from these services, why shouldn’t Diesel advertise directly on them?


According to reports, the campaign will be the first time a major fashion brand has partnered with an X-rated streaming platform. “We’re going to be the first brand to be working with Pornhub,” the company’s artistic director Nicola Formichetti told i-D Magazine. “The message is simple: before you jerk off, look at this.” 

As for the more prudish fans of high-end denim (assuming there are any), the company will also be running billboard and magazine advertisements featuring the likes of Joe Jonas and actress-model Kiko Mizuhara this season.

h/t Dazed