Dockers Claims This Jacket With Neck Pillow Is Perfect For Traveling

It’s a little more complicated than that. 

A few weeks ago we were flipping out over the “Swiss Army knife” of jackets that boasted a phone pocket, sunglass pocket, hand warming pockets, portable charger pockets and a neck pillow which made it perfect for traveling. What’s more, men can choose from the sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber jacket or blazer variations. While this is great, the versatile outwear isn’t available just yet.

Dockers pointed that out to us when they emailed about their Quilted Puffer Jacket with Packable Neck Pillow. “Dockers Introduces the Perfect Travel Jacket,” the email subject read going on to say that their version is “here to help ease your travel woes.” Oh yeah? Well, send it over and let’s give it a whirl.

When the jacket got here, I didn’t have anywhere to travel to that I needed a jacket. Sure, I ride the train every day, but it’s already pretty toasty in the bowels of the New York subway system. So I did the next best thing: I used it to travel around the office.

It’s a pretty decent down jacket: light, fairly thin, warm enough. But there’s a problem: in order utilize the neck pillow component of the design you have to roll the jacket itself up into a neck pouch shaped bag. Now you have a pillow but no coat. But if you’re cold? Coat but no pillow. See our dilemma here? 

The thing about the BauxBax is that all of the add-on components were truly add-ons and didn’t sacrifice the functionality of it being a jacket. So while the Docker’s coat is a pretty nice puffer jacket and a pretty nifty neck pillow, the perfect travel jacket? Not quite.