DOXA’s Weathered Dive Watch Honors Novelist & Maritime Explorer Clive Cussler

For literary-inclined dive watch collectors.


It’s not often that a rugged dive watch finds rarified air both in the pages of an adventure novel and in real-world ocean exploration, but Doxa’s timepieces have always been built a little differently.

These hard-wearing watches land in both worlds: Maritime explorer and novelist Clive Cussler wore the brand for decades, as did his famed fictional hero Dirk Pitt, who traversed land and sea with Doxa timepieces.


It’s a fitting double shot of inspiration for the newly launched Doxa Sub 300T Clive Cussler, which nods to Cussler’s legacy on the printed page and as an explorer of countless shipwrecks.

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Doxa drew inspiration from that legacy as it revamped the Sub 300T, “which now introduces an artistic and historical look to the series,” the watchmaker said.


Doxa certainly has a history of crafting bold watches make to go the distance below the surface, including the recently revamped, bold orange Doxa Sub 200 C-Graph II (and the orange dial frequently popped up in Cussler’s work).


The watch itself (and a handsome commemorative display box) was unveiled during a lavish event last week at the New York Yacht Club alongside Watches of Switzerland.

Dirk Cussler, who was on hand to sign copies of Dirk Pitt adventure tome The Devil’s Sea, described his dad as “bold, creative, adventurous” and noted the watch is a fitting tribute to his legacy.

“It was how my father approached life. Whether searching for historic shipwrecks or formulating tales of adventure, he was always original and always unique.”


The handcrafted dial resembles a vintage compass, and the watch, bracelet, pin buckle and clasp appear like aged steel as part of an intentionally weathered, impossibly rugged look that wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of Dirk Pitt.


The dial also calls out Dirk Cussler’s birthday, with numerals 7, 15 and 31 noted in red within the date window.


Accordingly, Doxa rightfully calls the watch “a reminder of the mysteries that lie beneath the waves and the treasures waiting to be uncovered.”

The watch is certainly no slouch in terms of deep sea performance, boasting water resistance down to a whopping 1,200 meters (or 4,000 feet).

A watch that rests in the realm of both real-world exploration and impossibly cool tales of adventure is one celebrating, and the Doxa Sub 300T can be yours for $2,690 at Doxa or Watches of Switzerland.