These Easter-Inspired Nike Air Force 1s Are Sweeter Than Cadbury Eggs and Peeps Combined

Would you rock these holiday-themed kicks?

Easter typically conjures up visions of family get togethers, egg hunts for the kids and diabetes-inducing seasonal treats like Peeps, Cadbury Eggs and chocolate bunnies. Cool sneakers? Not so much. 

But Nike just did the damn-near impossible: debuting Air Force 1 low tops in Easter pastels that don’t immediately inspire nausea. Instead, they actually look pretty cool, don’t you think?

The pastel pop almost give these streetwear staples a ’90s hip-hop vibe. Surely Will Smith would have rocked a pair of these eye-popping kicks—in light purple, pink, yellow and robin’s egg blue—on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, right? 

You can pick up a pair of “Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro” on e-retailer titolo for $137, if you’re trying to celebrate Easter on your feet past Sunday. Gotta admit it’s not the kind of Air Force 1 you see every day.

And they’re not the only Easter-inspired kicks to debut this week.

Converse just dropped its whimsical “Fuzzy Bunny” collection for $100, which should inspire more… um… mixed reactions. Unless you’re into the muppet vibe, of course.