This Jacket Is Perfect For Fall Because You Never Have To Take It Off

If the designer is good enough for Bradley Cooper, it's good enough for us.
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When there's a chill in the air, the jackets come out. And to be honest, we don't necessarily take our jackets off once we get in doors — it's sort of an all-day affair for us. Sure, that might make us a little lazy (for the record, we're going with efficient) but it is what it is.

Good thing for us: Eddie Bauer just dropped a shirt jacket that solves that fashion-versus-function conundrum. Meet the "Woodhacker Heavy Twill Shirt Jacket."

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Ok, so the name not withstanding, the jacket is pretty amazing. As just one component of a 22-piece collaboration with Ilaria Urbinati (stylist to Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans and James Marsden), the garment functions as a jacket while aesthetically giving off flannel shirt vibes. And be honest, you were already starting to reach for your flannels.

The full range comes rounded out with a selection of bomber jackets (some quilted, some not), a back pack, chinos and sweaters ranging from $35 up to $250. And yes, if you just want an old school flannel, they've got those too.

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Check out the full collection.