Exclusive: G-Shock Drops Limited-Edition MR-G Watch Inspired By Samurai Helmets

The Shougeki-Maru luxury timepiece was modeled after the graceful lines of kabuto helmets traditionally worn by samurai warriors going into battle.


Casio is releasing a new addition today to G-Shock‘s luxury MR-G line of timepieces—the limited-edition MRGB2000SH-5A Shougeki-Maru, and we’ve got the exclusive first look. 

The Shougeki-Maru was inspired by the graceful lines of kabuto helmets traditionally worn by ancient Japanese samurai warriors going into battle. The new MRGB2000SH-5A blends classic samurai toughness and the elegance of the MR-G series. One thing that sets it apart visually is the hand-carved bezel, designed by storied metalsmith Masao Kobayashi, which elegantly renders a classic image of a dragon climbing toward the heavens.


In its overall rugged look and unique color scheme, the MRGB2000SH-5A is an inspired design in which the bezel and band have been finished with the “tetsu sabiji” technique—finished titanium layers of brown and blue ion plating. The resulting look is reminiscent of a rusted steel samurai helmet. It has been accented with deep blue lacing akin to that which bound the samurai warrior’s armor.

In true G-Shock fashion, this isn’t just an upscale watch concealing next-level tech. The titanium case and band have been treated with heat to form a one-of-a-kind crystallized pattern that aids in resisting nicks or abrasions.


Via Casio, here are some of the MRGB2000SH-5A tech specs, including sophisticated complications that are quickly becoming standard with G-Shock:

  • A full-time Bluetooth smartphone link to the MR-G Connected app
  • Atomic Timekeeping and automatic time correction via radio signals
  • Self-charging with Tough Solar tech
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • Super Illuminator LED light

The Shougeki-Maru MRGB2000SH-5A retails for $8,000. It will be available come November 2020 at G-SHOCK retailers and via GShock.com