Some Guys Are Paying a Buttload for Premium Underwear

Then again, can you really put a price on comfort?

A few weeks ago, we tried out a pair of underwear that claimed they were “life changing.” They were good, but the price of $32.95 per pair gave us pause. Apparently they were a bargian, though, because according to a recent report in the New York Times, covering your ass has gotten seriously pricey.

Expensive britches are no new thing. I remember when we first discovered the Hermes woven boxers back in 2013 for a whopping $410. And while those skivvies get name checked on the high end by the NYT, they are currently sold out. That of course begs the question, who are you people? Who hurt you in such a way that you felt compelled to buy coverings for your undercarriage at such a price? Have you ever heard of my good friends from Fruit of the Loom?

Granted, FTL is a little bit…basic, and we can get down with dropping a few extra dollars on the finer things. Ladies do appreciate a little attention to such thing. We’re even impressed with one of the brands mentioned by the Times: Parke & Ronen. The duo’s recently launched offerings stand up pretty well over time. We know, we’ve tried them!

And though we haven’t gotten the chance to try out Frigo’s shorts, we hear what part-owner 50 Cent is doing over there with men’s boxers is pretty much like a push-up bra but for the boys. Totally behind that.

Still, we’re talking $28 for a brief and $30 for a trunk at Parke & Ronen. At Frigo we’re pushing $100 for their technology. But $400? Seems like a hell of a lot of money for something we’re hoping comes off at the end of the night.

Photos by Parke & Ronen