A Denim Brand Is Charging $168 for These ‘Extreme Cut Out’ Jeans

At least they have pockets.


(Photo: Carmar Denim)

Chances are you’ve heard your parents ramble on about how in their day, people threw away jeans with holes… not pay more for them.

All those curmudgeons’ heads are about to explode at the latest offering from LA-based brand Carmar Denim, “extreme cut out jeans.”

(Photo: Carmar Denim)

The term “jeans” is a stretch. They’re really just strings of denim draped from a waistband and held together at the knees and ankles. 

Miraculously, they still have pockets.

Carmar Denim gave a demonstration on how to wear them on Instagram, which was expectedly met with a lot of flack.


“The most pointless pair of jeans I have ever seen. This is not fashion this is stupidly,” wrote one commenter. 

“Pay more for less, in the name of fashion. I’m sure there are idiots out there that will pay for these,” ranted another.

“Honestly, I think these are terrible. Usually I love your stuff but this is wack,” said one follower.

(Photo: Carmar Denim)

But don’t worry… Carmar Denim is selling them for the completely reasonable price of $168. 

And hey, they do make your butt look good. 

h/t Business Insider