Fall Fragrances Get Darker

There are precisely six ways to smell better this fall.

The world smells different in the fall, and so should you. Switch out the sunny notes of summer for the power chords of autumn. From a spinoff of über-manly Drakkar to a more dapper Michael Kors fragrance designed for guys who button up in the morning and let loose at night, there’s sure to be something you’ll like in the new crop of colognes.

Jimmy Choo MAN

For the guy who prefers a pair of double-monks to sneakers, the first ever men’s fragrance from Jimmy Choo hits exactly the right note. No, it doesn’t smell of shoe leather. Instead, it mixes unexpected elements like lavender, honeydew melon, and geranium with wood and patchouli to create an approximation of a forest on a crisp, cool morning. There is a reason that the brand’s newest spokesman is Jon Snow (néeKit Harington). [$62 for 1.7 fl. oz.; bloomingdales.com]

Michael Kors: Michael for Men

Urbane, rugged, on his way to a meeting – however you want to describe the quintessential Michael Kors guy, he’s become something of an archetype. He has a hot Manhattan apartment with a state-of-the-art kitchen he never uses, perma-stubble, and a private jet to whisk his model lady friends away on exotic getaways. And he never leaves home without an appropriately smooth scent that hits the perfect balance between fresh and earthy. He’s grounded, but not very. [$62 for 2.3 fl. oz.; fragrancehut.com]

Calvin Klein: Eternity Night

Basic office etiquette states that detectable scent is about as welcome as mandals, which means the time to put it on a bit more generously is after hours. That’s the thinking behind Eternity Night, a richer, spicier, NSFW take on the classic fragrance. The addition of paprika, coriander seed and violet leaf to this limited edition variation are what make it the perfect thing to wear once darkness falls. [$80 for 3.4 fl. oz.; macys.com]

Drakkar Essence

If there’s any question about the inherent manliness of the new iteration of the insanely popular fragrance Drakkar Noir, its giant-of-a-man spokesman Cam Newton will dispel those crazy notions. The quarterback is the personification of this testosterone-in-a-bottle, which smells of spearmint, sage, woods and musk. He’s smart, fast, and self sufficient (he has to be, his receivers are terrible). [$48 for 1.7 fl. oz.; macys.com]

Issey Miyake: Nuit D’Issey

Nocturnal fragrances are a thing this fall. While CK’s seems simply to be the evening-appropriate form of Eternity, IsseyMiyake’s is meant to be the scent representation of night itself. What ever does dusk ‘til dawn smell like, you say? In this case, it’s not dissimilar to what you would encounter if you trekked through the cool woods in the fall while wearing a leather jacket. We’d actually recommend doing that. [$66 for 2.5 fl. oz.; nordstrom.com]

Bulgari: Man in Black

The original Vulcan had nothing to do with space and pointy ears. He was the Roman God of Fire who was exiled to the Mediterranean Sea (doesn’t sound that bad) and renowned for his virility, strength, and way with the ladies. With his spare time, he crafted jewelry and weapons from precious metals. Bulgari based its new Man in Black fragrance, a blend of tuberose, amber rum, and resins that is like fragrant catnip for the opposite sex, on this legend. Put it on after a workout and feel like a god. [$48 for 1 fl. oz.; bloomingdales.com]