Feit Does the Impossible, Makes Masculine Slippers

We didn’t think it could be done.

The idea of slippers, comfortable shoes you can slide on and sport while getting boozy in a more buttoned-up milieu, appeals, but there are very few pairs on the market that won’t make you look like man who hits on other men’s wives or a country club drunk. Enter Tull Price, the man behind leather sneaker label Feit (pronounced like fisticuffs, not inevitability), and his simple, aggressive, bicolor slippers. These are not shoes that belong on the well-worn oriental where Muffy lost her flan after one too many mimosas. These slippers belong in a club or an office, ideally on the top of a big desk. They’re as unapologetically styled as they are carefully constructed. They don’t care for socks. They don’t care for slacks. They don’t even like hearing the word “slack.” They are, in short, everything we always wanted slippers to be and everything they never were. [$500; feitdirect.com]