Massimiliano Giornetti Unveils Ferragamo’s Bold New Styles

The Italian fashion designer talks about his inspiration in the new Maxim.


Massimiliano Giornetti, creative director of Ferragamo, the illustrious Italian fashion house, conceived his latest fall/winter collection with a very particular gentleman in mind. “He’s an eclectic man who mixes his many interests, inspirations, and ideas,” Giornetti tells Meg O’Rourke in Maxim’s February issue. “I imagined a globetrotter who loves different cultures and colors, and freely transmits his aesthetic experience through his personalized outfits. He’s eccentric, but he has a touch of irony. The overall aesthetic of the collection is the result of the instinctive combination of several factors, like a collage, to emphasize a carefree attitude.”

(Photo: Getty Images)

He certainly succeeded, sending a series of patterned, boldly colorful looks marching down the runway on Sunday. Impeccably tailored and demonstrating the same attention to detail for which the house of Ferragamo has been famous for more than eight decades, the new collection manages to be at once whimsical, masculine, and unassailably cool.

“I wish to communicate a lifestyle, an Italian lifestyle, that reflects the joy of life, based on the continuous search for beauty, harmony, and quality,” Giornetti tells Maxim. “A rhythm of living and enjoying small luxuries and habits that can transform your everyday life into something special.”

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Read Giornetti’s style advice, an interview with the new face of Ferragamo, actor Ethan Peck, and more in Maxim’s February issue, on stands January 26.