This Ferrari-Inspired Watch From Hublot Gets the Badass Video It Deserves

This is definitely the wildest watch video you’ll see all day.

The new transparent MP-05 La Ferrari Sapphire from Hublot is just about the flashiest timepiece on the market, much like the racy Italian sports car that inspired it.

But that simply wasn’t enough for the madmen at Hublot, who just dropped an insane short film to really show off the ultra-complicated clockwork beneath that sapphire surface. 

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And for added effect, they even threw in a CGI Ferrari FXX track-only race car barreling through various obstacles in some sort of apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque hellscape.

It’s just the most recent collaboration between the iconic carmaker and the Swiss watchmaker, another being the more approachable but no less thrilling Big Bang Ferrari Giappone 50.

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h/t Top Speed