Finally, a No-Nonsense Weekender Bag

Troubadour keeps it beautifully simple.


For years, it’s been impossible to come by a no-nonsense weekender bag. A gym bag isn’t suited for certain occasions and briefcases don’t have enough room. And those “man bags” are out of the question.

Enter London-based luxury leather brand Troubadour, founded in 2013 by former financiers Abel Samet and Samuel Bail. Abel told Maxim, “We were always traveling on weekends and struggled to find a bag that was versatile and well-made so you could have it with a suit but that also has a modern aesthetic so you could have it in a more casual setting too.”

Abel and Samuel quit their finance jobs to develop some of the most covetable men’s leather bags on the market. Their sturdy, lightweight weekenders, rucksacks, and barrel bags are made of rich, vegetable-tanned Italian leathers, which means they’ll last a lifetime. Their clean, modern designs lacking in flashy external branding mean they’ll fit any occasion.

For the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, Troubadour maintained their simple styling but played with new fabrics like nylon and rubber. Samuel told us, “In the last six months, we’ve started to mix in other fabrics as well other than leather, which helps bring the weight of the products and the price points down a bit.”

Check out some of the latest offerings from Troubadour below:

Troubadour is a young company but the brand is making inroads into the US market, popping up in chains like Nordstrom. Be prepared to drop some coin — a Troubadour leather weekender runs for over $1,800.