Fix Your Face: Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream

Shave like a man with an American classic.

Shave like a man with an American classic.

Photograph courtesy of Barbasol

What it is: Barbasol Sensitive Skin shaving cream, $2.49

Why we like it: There’s nothing wussy about Barbasol. For more than 90 years, men have trusted their mugs to Barbasol, an American original still produced in the good old US of A. Over the years, grooming products have come and gone, but that striped can has found itself in almost every guy’s medicine cabinet at one time or another. And while the brand has come up with a new formulation specifically for tender, sensitive skin, it’s still as tough at busting your beard as it was back when your Grandpa started using it.

Where to get it: Everywhere.

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