Fix Your Face: Braun’s CoolTec Shaver

Skin irritation can be, well, irritating. Put it on ice.

What it is: Braun CoolTec dry shaver, $200.

Why We Like It: The engineers at Braun have gone all the way to outer space for the thermo-electric-cooling technology (TEC) that they’ve packed into the brand’s newest shaver. The CoolTec is designed to miraculously transfer heat away from the shaver head, thereby keeping your skin feeling refreshingly cool during the whole shaving process.  And since it’s intended to work without water or shaving cream and runs for 45 minutes on a charge, you can pretty much shave anytime and anywhere you want. Even an igloo or a spaceship. Or down there. But we don’t recommend that.

Where to get it:

Photos by Braun