Floyd Mayweather Partnered With Hublot for Two Knockout Limited-Edition Watches

The Big Bang Unico TMT collection is as outrageous as the boxer himself.


(Photo: Hublot)

Floyd Mayweather is known for his incredibly lavish taste. This is a man who poses with stacks of $100 bills on private planes and takes his pet tiger with him on vacation. 

There is no mistaking why the boxing champ with an undefeated 50-0 record is known as “The Money.”

So it’s only fitting that Floyd teamed up with luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot, known for its collaborations with sports stars and auto makers, for two blinged-out, gold-accented timepieces.

(Photo: Hublot)

Dubbed the Big Bang Unico TMT—the “TMT” stands for “The Money Team”—these watches are dressed in 3N-gold-incrusted carbon fiber from case to bezel. 

There is a TMT appliqué at the 12 o’clock mark, which, along with flange, bezel, case, counters and index, are finished with 48 baguette-cut diamonds and 378 brilliant-cut diamonds. 

(Photo: Hublot)

In all, that is 4.85 karats, which is likely the bare minimum of diamonds Floyd Mayweather will sport on any given day.

Inscribed on the back of the sapphire case is another favorite Mayweather motto: TBE (“The Best Ever”).

(Photo: Hublot)

The Big Bang Unico TMT is available in two color choices: the Carbon Gold and the Yellow Gold Jewellery. 

Both watches are limited-edition offers: there are only 100 Carbon Gold timepieces for $28,300 and only 10 Yellow Gold Jewelry for $93,700.

(Photo: Hublot)

Each will come with a pair of boxing gloves signed by The Money himself.


h/t ABlogToWatch