Footy, Yes – Booty, No: Adidas To Stop Selling Raunchy World Cup T-Shirts

Sorry, fans of sexy soccer puns.

After complaints by the Brazilian government, Adidas has agreed to stop selling the above two T-shirts, which seems like an odd move, since, to the casual observer, they just look like fun soccer-themed jokes about Brazil being the home of some of the planet’s sexiest women. Sadly, there’s a much seedier side to it: Brazil is notorious for being a popular sex tourism destination, and that’s something they’re keen to distance themselves from as 600,000 rabid soccer – or “footy,” as the Brits call it – fans descend on the country this summer for the World Cup.

Frankly, the banning of the T-shirts has probably done more to draw people’s attention to the sex industry side of things than the shirts themselves. And really, if you want your country to ditch its reputation for being highly sexualized, maybe a fairly innocuous T-shirt should be lower on the list of priorities than, say, the annual Miss Bum Bum competition, which rewards the woman with the biggest, shapeliest butt each year. Just sayin’.

Photos by Adidas