Sleep Under the Glow of The Northern Lights In These Stunning North Pole Igloos

These luxury igloos are perfect for spending your next vacation at the end of the world.

Luxury Action

It’s become obvious that if you can imagine taking a vacation to a given destination, chances are someone has planned or is planning a way to help you make that dream come true. Underwater? Head to the Maldives. An actual vacation in space? That’s just around the corner.

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And if sleeping on an icy snowfield under the shimmering northern lights like Superman in his Fortress of Solitude is your jam, then North Pole Igloos are indeed waiting—for a seriously hefty price.

Luxury Action

The Northernmost Hotel of the World – North Pole Igloos—is real and if the photos are any indication, those igloos are spectacular. Unfortunately, if you want to pay the roughly $105,000 it will cost to make the trip, you have some pretty hard limits, like only being able to stay during one month a year. 

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That month is April, spring in the northern hemisphere and likely a perfect balance of frozen and thawing up there in Santa Land. 

Luxury Action

Here’s some of what North Pole Igloos Hotel offers:

  • 10 heated luxury igloos, complete with bathrooms.
  • Glass roofs and walls revealing the kinds of vistas few ever get to see.
  • Intense hiking trips with an expert Arctic guide.
  • Typical hotel amenities as well, including chefs and security services.

Luxury Action is the umbrella company behind North Pole Igloos and several more travel packages, which they say all “aim to build a deep bond between the traveller and the destination, and connect the traveller with the people, environment and gastronomy local to the destination.”

For inquiries about your next trip to the North Pole or any other trips Luxury Action offers, go here.