The Grown Up Upgrade To Your Old-School G-Shock

Slightly fancy, definitely affordable? We’ll take it.

You probably had a G-Shock watch growing up. If you search hard enough, it’s probably still there somewhere, stuffed at the bottom of some forgotten book bag. And with good reason: the original G-shock is a hell of a watch.

But eventually you grew up. And sure, that gel clunker of a watch was durable but it didn’t fit in with the suit you have to wear to work, it doesn’t quite mesh with the tailored shirt you throw over jeans for casual Fridays.  It was time for you to grow up and sadly your G-Shock seemed stuck in a different era. Until now.

The latest launch from the watch company is a full line of premium stainless steel timepieces named G-Steel. They bring in those same dutiful, utilitarian features from your old G-shock (solar powered so no worries about battery, water and shock resistance in addition to your standard stopwatch and countdown timer) but coat it all in versatile, work appropriate stainless steel and fine resin.

The best part? With prices ranging from $280 to $450, it’s a lot cheaper than it looks.