G-Shock Debuts Blackout Editions of Mudmaster and Rangeman Watches

These ultra-rugged “Master of G” timepieces are back in black.


It’s hard to think of another big electronics manufacturer who has succeeded the way Casio has with its G-Shock line of watches. They may have another in a long line of hits with their new Blackout Mudmasters and Rangeman editions.

Part of the tough Master of G series, the GW9400-1B and GGB100-1B both come in sharp black colorways that can go with everything from jeans to a tuxedo—but make no mistake, they are ready for life in the wild and loaded with the features that make G-Shock unique, including multiple sensors and shock resistance. 


The GGB100-1B Mudmaster comes with a compass, thermometer, barometer, and step tracker. Obviously, given its name, it’s mud resistant as well as water-resistant to 200 meters or just under 660 feet. 

It’s built with a Carbon Core Guard Structure and together with the layered carbon-insert bezel, this gives it that uniquely G-Shock combo of lightness and toughness. 

The GGB100-1B has Two-Way Time Sync, a brilliant G-Shock feature in which low-power Bluetooth allows synchronizing with smartphones via an app as well as locking onto Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping for self-adjustment. This ensures your Mudmaster maintains accuracy down to the second no matter where you are.


The Rangeman model GW9400-1B has three sensors: a barometer, thermometer, and compass. Designed as always with exploration in mind, it also has a barometer (knowing of a sudden pressure drop while in the mountains is pretty helpful if you don’t want to get caught in a blizzard) and the usual mud resistant features, including sealed case and pushers. 

With either watch you won’t worry about mud, dirt or dust gumming up the works inside your watch, so hit that Spartan run with confidence.

This Rangeman has solar battery charging capacity and marks sunrise and sunset times. It’s pretty much made to be a go-to watch for first responders.

A partial list of additional features found in both watches:

  • World Time
  • LED Light or EL Backlight
  • 1/100th Sec. Stopwatch (24Hr)
  • Stopwatch
  • Multiple Alarm
  • Countdown Timer (24Hr)
  • Full Auto Calendar

Look for these in late February, 2020 where G-Shocks are sold as well as on gshock.com

The Mudmaster (GGB100-1B) will cost $380 and the Rangeman (GW9400-1B) is a little less at $330.