G-Shock Clears Things Up With Transparent Camouflage Watches

Go ghost on the wrist.


With these translucent, metal camouflage watches, Casio changes things up again, turning out three intriguing new wintry variations on its popular G-Shock lineup. 

The Japanese watchmaker took three of its most popular silhouettes—original G-Shock 5600, model DW6900, and the GA110—to create instant classics that celebrate elements consumers love while still maintaining their signature blend of toughness and elegance.

In a release, Casio states that G-Shock’s clear camo series models all feature “premium, laser-engraved camouflage” metal bezels with a matching translucent winter camouflage band. 


In the GM5600SCM-1 we get the original G-Shock squared case, a nice nod to the line’s origins in the early 1980s—spare but totally functional and still visually appealing today.


With both the GM6900SCM-1 and GM110SCM-1A  consumers get the updated styles and the expected G-Shock strength, bolstered by “forged metal bezels that accentuate the translucent camouflage pattern,” according to Casio. 


Always reliable in these updated models is G-Shock’s technical functionality. Along with this updated, icy look come the expected practical and useful complications, including an EL backlight for enhanced visibility everywhere, and the analog-digital GM110SCM-1A‘s magnetic resistance has been boosted as well.


Casio has kept the price points in line with expectations—reasonable yet still indicative of the model’s features and quality. The GM5600SCM-1 and GM6900SCM-1 both retail for $210. The GM110SCM-1A is slightly more (for more features) at $230. 


The models are available at select G-Shock retailers, the G-Shock Soho Store, and from gshock.com