The Garrett Leight Hampton Clip-On Shades Are Double Trouble

Outside, clip-on; inside, clip-off; everywhere, look fantastic.

Clip on bow-ties are whack; clip on sunglasses are back. Though never the sleekest option, snapping sunglasses shades over prescription lenses is a handsome, hardware-heavy look. Men from Dean to Depp have rocked the double-layered look, so why not try an all-purpose shade? We love Garrett Leight California Optical’s clip-on attachment for their Hampton frames. The frames and clip come in an array of attractive earth tones, and cured acetate is extra sturdy. The one caveat is cost: at $285 for Hampton frames and $105 for the clip, you’re looking at $390 before factoring in the multi-hundred dollar cost of prescription lenses. No, these ain’t Warby Parkers, but you’re getting quite a fair bit more for your money. 

Photos by Garrett Leight California Optical