Ray-Ban's Iconic Aviator Sunglasses Are Now Available With Solid Gold Frames

Go for the gold.
Ray Ban Aviator Solid Gold  (1)

The Ray-Ban Aviator silhouette first developed for the US Army Air Corps in the 1930s is flying higher than ever—at least with regard to the price of a new solid gold special edition.

Ray Ban Aviator Solid Gold  (3)

In celebration of ubiquitous shades' 84th anniversary, the Luxottica-owned luxury eyewear maker is releasing just 84 examples of Aviators with solid 18-carat yellow gold frames. They're priced at a truly eye-watering $3,454 each—over 20 times what one would pay to cop the classic Aviators for $161

Ray Ban Aviator Solid Gold  (4)

The precious metal construction is paired with the classic polarized G-15 lenses in green. A couple other exclusive details include special leather packaging and a serialized number on the inside of the temple. 

Ray Ban Aviator Solid Gold  (2)

No one needs a reminder of the Ray-Ban Aviator's iconic style status, but just in case, the brand also sent out some photos of celebrities sporting the model, including Eva Longoria, Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia May, and Michael Fassbender. 

Ray-Ban Aviator Eva Longoria Michael Fassbender

But none of them are rocking the Aviator Solid Gold appointment. If you've got a down payment-sized hole in your pocket to flex on some famous faces, click here to get a pair before they're sold out.