Get Your Black Belt

Give your wardrobe a boost with these sleek leather belts.

Getting a black belt is less difficult than you think. Just choose one of these.

1. The Unobjectionable Choice

Because not everything needs to be complicated. [$128; Coach]

2. The Reversible Waistband

Because hand-made isn’t just for hipsters. [$85; Will Leather Goods]

3. The Epi

Because your father told you to dress for the job you want. [$545; Louis Vuitton]

4. The Urban Rodeo Buckle 

Because you’re not a cowboy, but you’re not not a cowboy. [$45; Calvin Klein]

5. The Roman Arch 

Because it’s unexpected, which should be par for the course. [$380; Ermenegildo Zegna]

6. The Go-To 

Because you’ve got to wear something every day. [$59; Tommy Hilfiger]

7. The Rockstar’s Other Strap 

Because black jeans deserve an appropriate buckle. [$68; Cole Haan]

8. The Big Bird Belt 

Because bold isn’t a problem and Ostrich leather is impossible to beat. [$595; A. Testoni]

9. The Gray Suit Specialist 

Because it’s hip to be square. [$260; Gucci]

10. The Industrial Option

​Because heavy metal still rocks. [$395; Salvatore Ferragamo]