Give Your Old Crap To Levi’s, They’ll Pay You

Well, kinda… let us explain.

We all have that section of our closet that we never go to — ok, maybe it’s the whole closet and the stuff you wear pretty much stays on the door knob. However large it is, there’s a grouping in your wardrobe that no longer sees the light of day. It sits there, taking up space, collecting dust and not earning you money. That stops now.

Levi’s is ready to take that pile off your hand and pay you for doing the work. Ok, maybe not exactly pay you, but when you bring in clean, dry clothing or footwear to a Levi’s location (those outlet shops they have count too), the company will give you 20 percent off one regular-priced Levi’s item in store. They are hoping that’s incentive enough to get you to stop piling on to the 28 billion pounds of unwanted clothing that Americans discard annually, 24 billion of which ends up in landfills.

Sounds like a pretty cool deal: unload a few of those band shirts that are left over from your high school days and replace it with a chambray option for casual Fridays on discount. Talk about making the world a better place.

Photos by Getty Images