Give Your Shaving Routine an Edge

Edge’s new Ultimate shave gel is designed to shave, soften and moisturize your mug, and help you get a date.

What it is: Edge Ultimate shave gel, $3.99

Why we like it: Edge Ultimate might have come up with a first: a gel that offers all the qualities of a great shave plus a handsome boost of masculine scent to get your swagger on as you finalize your Friday night. Billed as a six-in-one product, Edge Ultimate promises to take care of your mug by cleaning, moisturizing, protecting, soothing, and softening, while also leaving an aroma that the ladies won’t be able to resist. We also like the fact that each of the cans in this collection, which includes scents with names like Achiever, Contender, and Magnet, has a scratch-and-sniff element on its label so you can test it out before you buy.

Where to get it: