Grand Seiko Dials Back To The 1960s With Two New Heritage Timepieces

Both watches nod to the classic 44GS and will formally launch in September.

Grand Seiko

Heritage and paying homage to iconic designs are at the heart of what Grand Seiko does, and now, collectors and watch enthusiasts alike can reap the fruits of that labor with two new Grand Seiko 44GS timepieces.

Part of the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection, both the SBGW291 — in handsome black leather — and the well-appointed Grand Seiko SBGW293 are inspired by the Japanese watchmaker’s mid-size timepiece of the 1960s.

Grand Seiko

The 44GS debuted 55 years ago — 1967, to be precise — and quickly became a Grand Seiko favorite, and each of the two new timepieces harken back to those days with 36.5mm case diameter dimensions and a crisp, classy and distinctly Japanese-inspired dial design.

The sunray pattern on the SBGW293 is especially impressive and visually striking, outfitted with the company’s manual winding Caliber 9S64 movement for a slim, sleek finish.

Grand Seiko

As Grand Seiko notes, “this classic dress watch offers all the essential characteristics of Grand Seiko at their most pure.”

The sunray dial effect is particularly memorable, designed to catch light and shadow at every possible angle in a way few other watches can.

The SBGW291 performs in much the same way, playing off nine key and distinctive design elements that guide the company’s craftsmanship, including the same approach to the sunray dial for what Grand Seiko calls a “sparkle of quality.”

Grand Seiko

The combination of the silver sunray dial and black alligator leather strap is as sharp and tailored a dress watch as one can find on the market today, with a power reserve of 72 hours for good measure.

Grand Seiko

Each watch will be available online and in stores for the agreeable price of $5,200 — more than agreeable, in fact, given the quality and precision design inherent in each Grand Seiko timepiece.

To ensure you capture your own piece of wearable, recognizable history, mark your calendars for the September launch of the latest and greatest from the heritage Japanese watchmaker.