The Latest Grand Seiko Elegance Watch Is a Jet-Black Japanese Stunner

Black and gold for the win.

Grand Seiko

Far-off mountains and majestic landscapes may be hard to find these days, but you can gain a bit of inspiration via your next investment-level timepiece purchase—trust us. 

The stunning new SBGW262 from the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection gets its distinctive look straight from Japan—Urushi material from trees near the town of Jojobi is used to create a unique Urushi lacquer. This lacquer is then mixed with iron to create a striking, jet black dial unlike anything you’ve ever worn on your wrist.

The lacquer is difficult to work with, and lacquer made and used in Japan is also a rarity. It’s a distinctive, one-of-a-kind process that results in a watch of incredible depth and, as the name would imply, supreme elegance. In fact, the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection sets its sights far from the average luxury watch, even if your definition of luxury is a pretty high bar to clear.

The fact that Mt. Iwate is clearly visible from the renowned Shizukuishi Watch Studio also has something to do with the distinctive refinement and aura of this watch. The dial itself is finished off even more elegantly, if such a thing is possible.

Even if you can’t pick up this watch for yourself, you can still immerse yourself in the world of Grand Seiko. In a fitting move, the company recently debuted the Nature of Time Experience in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, a partnership with Watches of Switzerland featuring the world’s largest collection of Grand Seiko watches.

The experience itself is VIP and boutique, a perfect way to view elegant timepieces in these socially distanced times.

“We’re excited to truly ‘redefine retail’ by showcasing our latest timepieces including the Black Urushi Laquer dial SBGW262, in an immersive, personalized, and safe experience for consumers and watch collectors, both in New York and around the world,” said Brice Le Troadec, President Grand Seiko Corporation of America (GSA).

And it’s certainly a watch befitting of a closer look. The handsome Arabic numerals and clean dial markings are made with what’s known as the raised maki-e technique by Isshu Tamura—the maki-e technique is delicate and intensive, used to decorate lacquer ware such as this extraordinary and refined watch.

When you consider each highly detailed step of this otherworldly, craftsmanship-oriented process, this watch just might be enough to inspire you to dream of far-off places once again. Consider it a future investment.