New Carbon Fiber and Titanium G-Shock Watch Is Basically Indestructible

The ultra-rugged timepiece is designed with pilots in mind.


Casio’s G-Shock family of aviation-worthy Gravitymaster watches just got its toughest member yet. 

The latest release, officially dubbed the GWRB1000X-1A, has plenty of brawny features to back up its striking black, red and gold colorway. 


It arrives in an “elevated carbon monocoque case” that’s crafted from a special carbon-and-epoxy resin, which cuts down on weight without sacrificing durability.

More layers of carbon fiber—52, to be exact—make up the laminated bezel, dial and insert band, while a scratch-proof sapphire case ensures a crystal-clear view of the watch face. 

In combination with numerous rust-resistant titanium elements and the brand’s Triple G Resist technology, all of these rugged components make the timepiece virtually impervious any shock, vibration or centrifugal force an aviator might experience. 


Other G-Shock features come standard, including 200-meter water resistance, a countdown timer, daily alarm, full-auto calendar and Bluetooth connectivity to the same time-tracking smartphone app we’ve seen with past Gravitymaster releases.

Even if you don’t plan on getting your pilot’s license, the GWRB1000X-1A Gravitymaster will almost certainly hack it anywhere you go—and you’ll look damn good while doing so. 

If it checks all of your boxes, head to Amazon to buy it for $1,000.