Greats Royale Knit Gum Sneakers Are Made From Recycled Rubber and Plastic

Eco-conscious kicks.

greats royale knit gum promo

Brooklyn-based luxury sneaker faves Greats are going green with the new Royale Knit Gum, featuring a recycled leather heel accent and a custom gum sole made from repurposed rubber. 


The Greats Royale Knits uppers are made with yarn spun from recycled single use plastic. The company states that “each pair removes seven plastic bottles from our oceans—to date we have removed over 128,000 bottles in 2019/2020.”


The eco-conscious knit version of the Greats Royale model is the brand’s fastest-selling shoe to date. The GREATS Royale Knit Gum is available exclusively on