This Guillermo del Toro-Inspired 'Monster Suite' Will Make You Feel Like You're in One of His Movies

It's the perfect hotel suite to book for Halloween.
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Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro is famed for movies like Hellboy, Pan's Labrynth, Crimson Peak, and the upcoming 2021 adaptation of Pinocchio

Now, his creepily cool films are coming to life just in time for Halloween with a bookable room titled the Monster Suite from


The room is located on the grounds of the Museo de las Artes in Guadalajara Mexico, and is decorated with things like masks, framed skulls, scary porcelain dolls, arms clawing out of the wall, and a giant container with an “aquatic beast” in it.


The red, black, and gold color palette and and blood-red carpet aren't very soothing, either.


The colors and decor of the bathroom are admittedly stunning, though. 


Hues of purple and black paired with the gold art deco pattern on the wallpaper create a haunting yet gorgeous celestial vibe.


Plus, guests who book the room will get a special nighttime tour of a del Toro exhibit called “En Casa Con Mis Monstruos” which features over 900 installations from his films, comics, and personal collection.


The room is available for three nights only on October 3, 4, and 5, each available to book at midnight on September 18, 19, and 20 respectively. 

You can book your stay at the Monster Suite right here.