Here’s How to Dress Like Prince George Before Bedtime

His bedtime clothes are nicer than your actual clothes.


On Friday night, Kensington Palace visitors President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama rudely disturbed Prince George before bedtime. A man of the people, the two-year-old heir to the throne gave the commoners from the old colonies 15 minutes of his time before bidding farewell and returning to his gilded crib.

Naturally, he couldn’t be bothered with putting on actual clothes. 

The prince met the President in a monogrammed terry cotton robe, blue gingham pajamas, and loafers embroidered with airplanes. He surely thought, “My bedtime clothes are nicer than your actual clothes” as the leader of the free world politely knelt to greet him.

Eagle-eyed Internet users were quick to point out the brands Prince George wore, sparking a sensation for royal toddler nightwear. The pint-sized royal woreGingham Blue Trim Robe from My 1st Years, an online retailer that specialized in children’s clothing. The robe, which goes for $36, sold out just minuted after photos hit the Web. 

“We are thrilled that Prince George chose our robe to wear when he met President Obama,” Daniel Price, founder of My 1st Years, told People. “Our website has gone crazy ever since the photo was released!”

For his sake, we’re glad Prince George likes this guy’s robes so much. Because if not, it’s off with their heads!

If you want your kid to look like a posh royal owning a US president, you can still cop one of these robes on pre-order. Below, see more photos of Obama’s playdate at Kensington Palace. 

(Photo: Pete Souza/The White House/Getty Images)
(Photo: Kensington Palace/PA Wire/Getty Images)

h/t Daily Mail