This High-End G-Shock Is Handcrafted with Samurai Sword Techniques

Wear a legend on your wrist.


G-Shock has carved a niche in the high-end watch industry with its artistic use of Japanese influence in the MR-G line. With the Samurai-inspired MR-G G2000GA introduced at Baselworld 2019 they may have outdone themselves. 

Called the Gassan after Sadanobu Gassan, the Japanese designer who created it, the watch blends ancient metal craft techniques with stunning modern design.

This striking G-Shock was made in part with the yasuri-me technique—a style of hand-finishing first used in making Samurai swords. But it’s obviously not just a history lesson in metal. There are plenty of the features G-Shock fans have come to expect. 

The purple case was made with Arc Ion Plating featuring “recrystallized” titanium. Added to that striking purple body is a sapphire crystal and Cobarion bezel. 


Then there are the usual G-Shock features, including: Solar charging, solar GPS, and Bluetooth connection.

This full-featured MR-G is a limited edition issue—only 300 will be made. It goes on sale in July 2019 for $7,400.